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Camera Placement
Biosprint12S (pdf)
XR80S (pdf)
SR50S (pdf)
XR401S sCMOS (pdf)
XR280S sCMOS (pdf)

XR16M (pdf)
BioSprint12M (pdf)
XR81M (pdf)
XR401M sCMOS (pdf)
XR280M sCMOS (pdf)

XR16L (pdf)
BioSprint12L (pdf)
XR81L (pdf)
XR401L sCMOS (pdf)
  Cameras By Model BioSprint (pdf)
XR16 (pdf)
BioSprint12 (pdf)
XR80 (pdf)
XR81 (pdf)
SR50 (pdf)
XR401 sCMOS(pdf)
XR280 sCMOS (pdf)
  Software Software Specifications (pdf)
Operating Manual (pdf)
Everyday Procedure (pdf)


Technology Camera Placement
Side-Mount Cameras
Mid-Mount Cameras
Low-Mount Cameras
Duty Factor
Electronic Shutters


Service Plans
AMT Direct Service
Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. (USA)
FEI Company USA (USA)
SFR Canada (USA)
Deben UK (Europe)
Scientex PTY LTD (Australia and New Zealand)
Hitachi High-Tech Fielding Corp. (Japan)
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AMT's Worldwide Distributors:
  Hitachi High-Technologies Canada, Inc.(Canada)
  Systems for Research (Canada)
  Deben UK Limited (UK/Ireland)
  Elexience (France)
  PANoptima GmbH (Germany/Switzerland/Austria)
  Irida (Spain)
  Kristóf Kovács (Hungary)
  Scientex PTY LTD (Australia and New Zealand)
  Techcomp Limited (Hong Kong)
  Techcomp Limited (China)
  Mars Scientific Instruments Services (India)
  Hitachi High-Tech Fielding Corporation (Japan)
  Rigong International, Inc. (Korea)
  E. Hong (Taiwan)
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News Biosprint (pdf)
BioSprint12 (pdf)
XR81 (pdf)
XR50 (pdf)
XR401 sCMOS (pdf)
XR280 sCMOS (pdf)
XR16M Brochure (pdf)
Trade-in Upgrade to XR50 Brochure (pdf)
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Image Gallery Side-Mount Cameras
Mid-Mount Cameras
Low-Mount Cameras


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Advanced Microscopy Techniques, Corp. (AMT)

242 West Cummings Park, Woburn, MA 01801     Phone: 978-774-5550     Fax: 978-739-4313     Email: info@amtimaging.com     Map / Directions

Advanced Microscopy Techniques (AMT) manufactures and distributes
high resolution and low dose CCD and sCMOS digital camera systems for Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM).
Applications in all aspects of life and materials sciences utilize our product line, which include cameras ranging from 29 to 2.8 megapixels,
BioSprint29, BioSprint, XR16, BioSprint12, XR80, XR81, NanoSprint500, XR50, XR401 sCMOS, and XR280 sCMOS.
Each camera features AMT's original high-resolution, finite-conjugate lenses, creating an extremely flat focus.
AMT sells the digital imaging cameras for TEM directly to customers, through domestic and international representatives, and through TEM vendors.
Established in 1991, AMT is proud to have an installed base of over 2000 units of the TEM camera systems.

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