Lens Front

AMT Imaging System Design

Since the invention of the Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) in the 1930s, this imaging and analytical tool has become the mainstay for examination of structures, beyond the resolving power of light-based microscopes. Found in laboratories of virtually all disciplines, the recording of images has evolved from film to digital formats.  With the full spectrum of applications and available TEM manufacturers and models, there must be a complete range of camera designs and mounting locations, in order to satisfy all requirements and budgets. AMT provides the highest performance optics, by specially designing finite-conjugate lenses for all our products. This feature has allowed AMT to continually take advantage of improvements in sensor technology, geometries, and electronics. We are proud to have pioneered the use of high-resolution RES™ phosphors, which minimize electron scattering effects and provide superior sensitivity.


AMT offers a complete line of digital imaging capabilities from 4-megapixel to 43-megapixel formats. All systems provide sharp images, with high dynamic range and low noise, and AMT provides choices of side-, mid- or low-mount locations depending on customer requirements.